When I’m cleaning windows

My knees are giving me Hell, so I’m taking it easy today. I think I’ve spent most of the past few weeks on the floor painting or taking up carpet or putting down new flooring or kneeling to assemble some flat pack furniture.


Note from next door

So today I’ve been sorting through some old papers.

I found this note from next door which must be a couple of years old. It says,

Do you think you could put a nail in the front fence.”

I didn’t think about it at the time, but I realised reading it again that there is no question mark.

So rather than it being a polite “would you mind awfully”, it’s more of a “I am rather surprised you have not done this so pull your finger out…”.

In case you are wondering, I’ve pixelated the signature. That’s not how they usually sign their notes. I’m not living next door to Prince or anyone like.

I wish I’d kept other notes from my neighbour. “Windows tomorrow” is a frequent one and the rather worrying “police were in our gardens” note of 2018.

My neighbour once sacked my window cleaner because he drenched her net curtains. Admittedly he was washing her windows at the time and I don’t think it was deliberate but still, I’m not sure she should have taken the law into her own hands and barred him from doing mine.

The window cleaner previous to that one had a fall (not at either of our houses) and was too frightened to climb a ladder again. Three window cleaners in 8 years. Not sure what the average is.

Stay clean and stay safe.