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Day 12 (4) – Not where I was meant to be

Tiki's had a hair cut

Tiki’s had a hair cut

While I was sorting out the stones from the soil and pondering on life’s little mysteries, such as who invented meringue*, it suddenly hit me that I was supposed to be in Weston-Super-Mare.

We (that’s me and the Weird Norfolk team) had planned on recording a couple of episodes of a new podcast called Lore of the Land, but obviously the law of the land meant we had to cancel.

So another glorious day in the garden it was, away from all the news and worries and weird stuff that is now a reality.

It’s only when I check my phone do I see how things have moved on and I now know someone who has a family member in hospital with the virus. Even the Prime Minister and Health Secretary have it. The latest figures released today are worrying. And I do worry. So I’ve planted garlic today. It has no use against the coronavirus, but planting it felt good for the soul.

I was also digging for treasure in the garden today. See my Instagram or Twitter feed for details of my haul.

I have been spoilt these past couple of days with the weather, but it looks like it’s going to get really cold again. It may not be practical to be out in the garden, not that I have much to do now other than wait for my plants and seeds to be delivered.

*I have asked this question son many time to so many people. The most famous of which was Charlie Brooker. Although I didn’t get a credit for the question.

Stay home and stay safe everyone. And that includes you Prime Minister.