Day 38 – Mostly

It rained for most of yesterday,
Yesterday it rained,
Today the rain stayed away,

The trees at the bottom of the garden stand tall,
Tall they stand,
Still glistening with rain,

The sunlight illuminates the leaves,
Leaves illuminated,
Shades of reds and purples and greens,

The spider spins its thread carefully,
Carefully spun thread,
Blackbirds, robins and wrens sing in the trees,

The clouds in the sky pass by fast,
Fast they pass by,
Perfectly white clouds,

Stay poetic and stay safe.

Day 22 – Branching out


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Chopped wood (well I used a saw actually)

I needed to do some work on the trees at the bottom of the garden. The lower branches were hanging down over my main route to the compost area. Every time I went that way an outstretched limb would grab my hat and throw it into the nettles.

The branches were far too low for nests, but I had an inspection before getting to work with the saw and was happy that it was all clear.

A robin perched on a safe branch and watched me with great interest. “Can I give you a song?” he asked politely. It would have been rude to refuse. All was well with the world.

He popped back from time to time to check on my progress. I think he was impressed.

The rest of the gardening day was spent cutting the branches into smaller pieces. Leafage was for the garden waste bin, small twigs into the kindling (did someone hear the phone?) pile.

Larger pieces were put into another pile. And another pile was made up of bigger pieces still. It was all guess work, so some pieces may be in the wrong pile. It didn’t bother me earlier, but now I will have to check everything again tomorrow.

For now the largest bits will be added to the rotting wood pile I created seven years ago in the hope of attracting stag beetles.

Actually, just thinking about it, the books said it takes seven years for them to arrive. I better get some bedding and towels ready.

Easter bunnies

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Sun worshipers

Yesterday, on my social media feeds (see right), I posted a picture of one of my pea seedlings that was growing in the shape of an Easter bunny.

Today I present to you Easter Island – or Easter Greenhouse, perhaps. All the little bunnies worshiping the sun.

For the record, I also relocated the rotary clothes line so that it didn’t obscure the view of the pond from the kitchen window. I also fixed part of the fence so that it didn’t collapse and crush next door’s display of solar powered night lights.

Seriously, it’s a wonder the local airport haven’t complained that they are distracting pilots on their final approach.

Stay safe.

30 Days Wild 2017

Thirty days, thirty 30-second sound bites.

Only fitting that the last recording for 30 Days Wild should be The Marriott’s Way, that has featured so much in the past month. I think all the birds came out to sing.

The penultimate day and the Song Thrush is still at it.

Haiku for Day 28

I decided to walk home in the rain. I got drenched. Best 30 Days Wild day ever.

A solo performance from a chaffinch.

Standing under a bridge as the Bure Valley Railway passes over head.