Day 41 – International Dawn Chorus Day

Garden shed studio

My poor shed in 2013

Spoiler alert – I slept through it.

To be honest I had no plans on getting up that early this morning. My sleep pattern is all over the place at the moment. But that’s for another post.

I did my first International Dawn Chorus Day in 2013 from the bottom shed in the garden. It required me cutting a hole in the side of the shed in order for me to stick a couple of microphones on a shelf.

I had wires running up to the spare room where they fed into a mixer and then live onto the internet.

The following year I pretty much did the same thing except I don’t think I used the shed studio. Instead the microphones were pointing out of the bedroom window.

Things got very exciting in 2015 as I set up a whole outside broadcast unit on the Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve at Ranworth Broad in Norfolk. It took a good few hours to set up, then a drive home. A very early alarm call and drive back to Ranworth.

After all the excitement in 2015, I was back in my own garden for 2016 International Dawn Chorus Day.

Broadcasting from Cley Marshes in 2017

Broadcasting from Cley Marshes in 2017

My final International Dawn Chorus Day was the most exciting I’ve done.

We were at Cley Marshes in North Norfolk as part of the Sounding Coastal Change project.

It meant setting everything up and then grabbing what sleep I could on the floor of one of the bird hides. It was incredible. You can read about it by clicking these words.

All, apart from the first one I did, were relayed by SoundCamp / REVEIL, which follows the dawn live around the world.

You can hear the various recordings below.


Will I do it again? Probably. Any suggestions for 2021?

Stay awake and stay safe.

Day 29 – The top shed

Garden sign

My sophisticated security sign

noun: A small building, usually made of wood, used for storing millions of spiders.

We have two sheds. The top shed and the bottom shed. The bottom shed is more of a dumping ground for things we haven’t used for 10-15 years, but may come in handy one day.

The top shed is the newest of the two sheds (we inherited the bottom shed from the previous owners). Today I have given it a good clean and tidy. It’s basically my gardening shed, so it’s been getting a lot of attention lately.

I had put aside two days to fill the skip I hired with all the garden rubbish from behind the shed, but I’d completed that task in less than 90 minutes.

I hadn’t planned on cleaning out the top shed today, it just happened.

Garden tools

A place for everything and everything in its place

There weren’t as many spiders as I thought there would be. Although to be fair, we do have an understanding. I’ve promised not to disturb too many webs and they have agreed not to play with my tools. Having said that, I don’t recall ever making a tiny hammock and see-saw.

Following today’s sort, everything now has its own place. I know exactly where to put my hand on a garden hose extension joint or a washing machine transit screw, or a plastic thing that looks important but I can’t remember what it is off. (I have filled in the required paperwork to have it transferred down to the bottom shed).

Tomorrow, which should have been the second skip day, will now be set aside for some other general tidying around the garden.

I plan to get back to the vegetables and other plants on Thursday. In the meantime, here are two of my gardening tools with eyes.

Stay safe, the tools are watching your every move.