Day 38 – Mostly

It rained for most of yesterday,
Yesterday it rained,
Today the rain stayed away,

The trees at the bottom of the garden stand tall,
Tall they stand,
Still glistening with rain,

The sunlight illuminates the leaves,
Leaves illuminated,
Shades of reds and purples and greens,

The spider spins its thread carefully,
Carefully spun thread,
Blackbirds, robins and wrens sing in the trees,

The clouds in the sky pass by fast,
Fast they pass by,
Perfectly white clouds,

Stay poetic and stay safe.

Day 13 (5) – Coronavirus, every day, every hour, every minute

Counting every day. And every hour. And every minute.

Outside where only the brave and heroic venture

Ransom demands come from an unseen enemy.

Our world hasn’t changed, and yet nothing is the same

Normality is being redefined. Every day. Every hour. Every minute.

Away from family and friends and colleagues

Virtual spaces are now our dining tables, bars and water coolers. If

Isolation breeds despair, then

Resourcefulness nurtures hope. But

Until such time

Stay safe. Every day. Every hour. Every minute.