norwich airport

Walk or a hike?

My route

“I’m just nipping out for a walk. Won’t be long”.

Two hours later. “Every muscle in my body is aching, apart from the ones in my feet. They have just gone numb.”

I thought it would just be a gentle stroll up by the airport. Turned out to be a seven mile hike all around it! Still, there was plenty to see along the way to keep me occupied.

Since the opening of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road, now called the Broadland Northway, a route I have walked in the past in that area has changed quite a bit.

In fairness they have made elements of it walkable and there’s a good and, by what I have seen expressed elsewhere, a much used cycle path.

I ended up doing pretty much a whole circuit of Norwich Airport via roads, cycle paths and bridleways. There was just one section along Holt Road that didn’t have a footpath and I need to check the signage there as I seem to think that for part of the walk the blue signs suggested that it was a pedestrian route back towards Norwich.

The untouched country lanes are full of wildflowers and birds. I saw my first Yellowhammer close to the airport runway and found a nettle almost bent double under the weight of Common Peacock caterpillars.

In the areas that were redeveloped for the new road there’s little yet in the way of wildflowers, but if it is left to get on with it i.e. not constantly cut back, there will eventually be some lovely areas for wildlife to flourish and nature lovers to walk.


Following on from yesterday’s post about wildflowers, I am grateful to those of you who identified the mystery flower for me. It is sorrel – Rumex Acetosa.

According to the Reader’s Digest Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Britain, sorrel was the most prized English vegetable in Tudor times. Apparently it was a favourite of Henry VIII who no doubt had it served several ways during execution banquets.