Day 21,915 – Birthday

Yes, I’ve been alive for 21,915 days. I don’t feel a day over 18,762.

As I intend to spend the rest of the day eating cake and doing little else, I’ll just share this little photo album with you.

Click on each image for captions.

Stay feeling young and stay safe.

Day 35 – The wooden spoon

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Spoon and bowl prior to licking

My work in the garden was temporarily halted as my presence was required in the kitchen to ‘lick the spoon’.

I take my duties seriously, so the weeding was immediately stopped.

The family tradition of eating the cake before it was even cooked goes back as far as I can remember, which suggests it’s actually a lot longer than that.

It got me thinking about all the ‘in’ things families have and how many ‘in things’ are actually done by other families too.

I suspect that licking the spoon or bowl isn’t exclusively a Fair thing, but if I mention a Taekwondo Buffet or a skeleton found in the ‘itch position’, you’d wonder what on earth I was on about.

When I was little I used to be fascinated by some of the things Mother used to say. She’d comment on the weather by saying – “there’s enough blue up there to make a cat a pair of trousers”.

If my brother and me were misbehaving* she’d say “Cut that out, or I’ll call Icky the Fire Bobby”.

Neither of those phrases have any meaning, yet at the time the logic of the first seemed reasonable, although what it forecast was neither here or there.

The second phrase was delivered as a threat. It was one step down from the most severest of threats, so we had an inkling that she wasn’t too pleased. I have since found out that Icky the Fire Bobby wasn’t a family exclusive. There’s some discussion on the Internet about the origins of Icky the Fire Bobby, from fire sprites to Ken Dodd.

The main threat from Mother was, “I’ll get the wooden spoon”. She never once hit us with it, but the thought of it was enough to make us little angles for a couple of hours at least.

As time passed the wooden spoon threat became silent as all she needed to do was reach for the drawer and we’d scarper.

Sharp thing

1 - 3

Designer jeans available for £145.60

I’ve been having a play with some whittling techniques. I did a one day wooden spoon making course last year – see, that wooden spoon has haunted me all my life – and I acquired some of the tools required.

I’ll go into that more at a later date, but for now, a word of caution to anyone who thinks that it’s not a dangerous hobby.

There I was happily whittling away when the blade slipped.

Within the blink of an eye my gardening trousers were transformed into designer jeans. Fortunately no skin was damaged in the incident.

Garden update

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There’s enough grey in the sky to make a cat a pair of wellingtons.

The forecast is for three days of light rain showers so gardening may have to take a break.

I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made over the past few weeks and can’t wait to get back out there again.

There’s still so much work to be done.

Here’s a picture of how it all looks today.

Stay dry and stay safe.

*I actually never misbehaved. I was nearly carrying out instructions from my older brothers, so technically I was behaving.

Day 33 – Twins

I tried doing a live stream on the internet earlier. It didn’t go quite to plan.

Unfortunately my identical twin has let the cat out of the bag.

I’ve tried to keep it a secret, but now the world knows. My twin, who is so identical he is also called Richard, has been helping me with all the planting and landscaping.

Seriously, we are so alike, sometimes I’m not even sure which of us is which.

Basically the other Richard, who I will refer to as ‘the other Richard’, has done all the hard work, while I have been looking after all the social media and blogging.

Keeping my twin a secret hasn’t been easy. Can you imagine how difficult it is for two people with exactly the same likes and dislikes not to be in the same place at the same time?

We have to draw lots on who will go into work each day, who will go visiting family and who gets to go on holiday.

Now that everyone know our secret, I may try and convince the other Richard to introduce himself properly.

Actually, the joke is on you! The other Richard has written today’s blog!

Make mine a double and stay safe.