Day 38 – Mostly

It rained for most of yesterday,
Yesterday it rained,
Today the rain stayed away,

The trees at the bottom of the garden stand tall,
Tall they stand,
Still glistening with rain,

The sunlight illuminates the leaves,
Leaves illuminated,
Shades of reds and purples and greens,

The spider spins its thread carefully,
Carefully spun thread,
Blackbirds, robins and wrens sing in the trees,

The clouds in the sky pass by fast,
Fast they pass by,
Perfectly white clouds,

Stay poetic and stay safe.

Day 33 – Twins

I tried doing a live stream on the internet earlier. It didn’t go quite to plan.

Unfortunately my identical twin has let the cat out of the bag.

I’ve tried to keep it a secret, but now the world knows. My twin, who is so identical he is also called Richard, has been helping me with all the planting and landscaping.

Seriously, we are so alike, sometimes I’m not even sure which of us is which.

Basically the other Richard, who I will refer to as ‘the other Richard’, has done all the hard work, while I have been looking after all the social media and blogging.

Keeping my twin a secret hasn’t been easy. Can you imagine how difficult it is for two people with exactly the same likes and dislikes not to be in the same place at the same time?

We have to draw lots on who will go into work each day, who will go visiting family and who gets to go on holiday.

Now that everyone know our secret, I may try and convince the other Richard to introduce himself properly.

Actually, the joke is on you! The other Richard has written today’s blog!

Make mine a double and stay safe.