Civilian Listening Service

I spend a lot of time playing with sounds, be they recordings I’ve made, musical experiments, found sounds (on old second hand tapes) and soundscapes. Some of them appear on my Norfolk Sound Map and most of them are on my Soundcloud page, but none of it is really curated in any way.

Until now, and Civilian Listening Service. It’s a half hour podcast of my creative sound.

I wanted to give the listening experience an identity. Something that could hold together the diverse content. I think that what I, along with Debbie Fair -The Voice of The Announcer, have created is the suggestion that you have somehow stumbled upon something intended for someone else. Undercover agents perhaps? Or maybe they are recordings from a dystopian past. Or future. Listen, and you decide.

Civilian Listening Service.

Disquiet Junto

In the July 2016 edition of Wire magazine I’m quoted as saying that I am often “out of my comfort zone and forced into using different techniques or alternative approaches” when it come to the weekly challenges of the Disquiet Junto.

Marc Weidenbaum started the Disquiet Junto project back on 2012 with the aim of bringing together musicians and artists to create new pieces of audio based on a few simple instructions.

It could be anything from the sound of ice cubes chinking in a glass, to music based on notes that have been randomly generated in some way. We could be given the sound of an animal or a human voice, or even just a breath.

Sometimes an idea immediately jumps out at me and I’ll beaver away for a few hours creating something. Sometimes it’s more of a challenge.

Being out of your comfort zone can be scary, even frustrating at times, but the rewards and feedback make it worth while.