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Grand Bug and Pest Hotel

Grand Bug and Pest Hotel, Norwich

The doors finally opened this morning on the Grand Bug and Pest Hotel.

For many years now I’ve had a rotting pile of wood waiting patiently for stag beetles to move in. Seven years on, I still wait, but to be fair it can take this long and very often longer.

So I decided to dip my toe in the bug hospitality pool and I’m already regretting the image that conjures up.

I trimmed back some trees earlier this year and rather than burn or throw out the branches I decided to build a place for bugs to holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the dangerous traffic round the front of the house.

Mr Gustave

I’ve already had some bookings. The first was from Mr Gustave, an inch worm. He’s sent me a picture so that I will recognise him when he arrives, which, going by his current speed, will be late August.

Interestingly I’ve also had some enquiries from a Mr Robin and a Mrs Wren who want to know when the first guests arrive and if they could book a table in the restaurant.

I’ve explained to them that local licensing laws only permit residents to eat in Zero’s Restaurant. I suspect that won’t put them off visiting though.

Madame D. will be checking in on Friday and has asked if we offer and larvae monitoring service.

I can see that I’m going to have my work cut out running this place.

Little steps

I need to do more walking. Working in the garden and doing jobs around the house are all well and good, but there are parts of my body that are starting to ask if they are needed any more.

Now that we have a little more freedom to get out more I’m planning on a daily pre-breakfast walk.

Apart from the exercise it will also get me back to the nature I enjoy. I went for an hour and half walk today and it was lovely to see all the flowers covered in bees. It was also good to hear the flowers covered in bees. The noise was quite special, all the buzzing and rattling of wings on petals.

I’m very lucky that I live near to a couple of lovely parks and just a short distance from open countryside. I want to explore more of it and share it here.

So to get things started here are a few images from today’s walk.

Stay fit and stay safe.

Physical Exasperation

Physical Education report

I guessing my games teacher based his remarks on my school report that year on the one cricket ball I ever bowled at him.

Football was very much the dominating sport at my school. Sure we had tennis courts and running tracks and the occasional student teacher who wanted to convert everyone to rugby, but basically if you didn’t like football you were were an outcast. I didn’t like football.

I loved cricket though, but because it was a summer game we didn’t get to play it much, so I joined the local county club and trained on a Friday evening.

At school they held trials for the cricket team. I bowled the teacher out first ball with a stunning full toss. I didn’t make the team. Instead he picked the entire footballer team to play.

Just one f***ing thing after another*

History report

Finally, this has to be my best school report comment ever. I’m proud to say that little has changed over the years.

Stay whatever and stay safe.

*The History Boys, Allan Bennett