Found Sound

Civilian Listening Service

I spend a lot of time playing with sounds, be they recordings I’ve made, musical experiments, found sounds (on old second hand tapes) and soundscapes. Some of them appear on my Norfolk Sound Map and most of them are on my Soundcloud page, but none of it is really curated in any way.

Until now, and Civilian Listening Service. It’s a half hour podcast of my creative sound.

I wanted to give the listening experience an identity. Something that could hold together the diverse content. I think that what I, along with Debbie Fair -The Voice of The Announcer, have created is the suggestion that you have somehow stumbled upon something intended for someone else. Undercover agents perhaps? Or maybe they are recordings from a dystopian past. Or future. Listen, and you decide.

Civilian Listening Service.

Grandma 100 on reverse

I discovered this recording on a tape I bought online.

So often these tapes contain music – either pre-recorded or taken from the radio. There tends to be very little spoken word on them.

It’s always a joy to hear someone’s voice be it a short few words of a child shouting into a microphone, some one practicing their class presentation or, as is the case here, a wonderful recording of a special moment. (more…)