Day 52 – Door


Bloody screws

Q: How long does it take to remove a door?
A: Over an hour and a half.

Removing doors is probably my least favourite DIY job. I try to avoid doing it at all costs, but I’m currently laying the new floor in the little bedroom and needless to say I need to take a few milimetres off the bottom of the door.

It’s the first time we’ve decorated this room since we moved in and my heart always sinks further when I see that all the screws have been painted over that many times the bit you put your screwdriver in* has vanished under twenty layers of gloss.

So I spent half an hour carefully removing the built up paint. The screws still wouldn’t turn.


The door is now on the landing and I’m pretending that it has been locked for many years and we don’t know what behind it. Although if it were a door it would take you onto next door’s landing.

To cut a long story short I lost my temper a little. Hit it with a hammer a few times. Jammed the screwdriver into various bits of the hinge. Hit it again. Tried different size screwdrivers, including the screwdriver bits for the electric drill. I even tried drilling the screws.

After getting all but one out I eventually gave up and instead of removing the door from the hinges I removed the hinges from the door frame.

I’ve ordered some new brass hinges and now that the door is off I think I have a better chance of getting the screws out.

Of course I still have to saw a bit off the bottom of the door. But I can’t do that until the floor is finished.

So that pretty much sums up my day.

We did have steak for tea though. I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed it until I took the first succulent bite.

Tighten your screws and stay safe.

*Apparently the bit you put your screwdriver in is called the ‘drive’ and it is situated on the ‘head’ of the screw.

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