Day 51 – Cream Cheese

cheese 1

Jane Thomas and her recipe book

Sorting through some old books and papers I came across an old hand-written recipe book by one of my ancestors. On the inside cover it simply says Jane Thomas Oct 1885. She was my great-grandmother.

At some point in the future I plan to make all the recipes and blog about them. But for now, lick your lips as here’s an example of what to expect.

cheese 2

Cream Cheese
Put into a quart of cream one lump of salt tie it up in a thick muslin bag and bury it in the ground for 3 weeks.

That’s all there is to it.

I can imagine the cats around here are going to love it when I do that one.

Does anyone know how much salt makes a lump? Does the ground need to be prepared in any way? Consecrated perhaps.

Other recipes from Jane Thomas include Victoria Buns, Meat Patties and Baked Sole, all of which, you’d be glad to hear, don’t require interring.

I’ll let you know when the lockdown has finally driven me to start making some of these. In the meantime, stay well fed and stay safe.

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