Day 47 – Any Answers

You may remember in a post I did a while back I offered you the chance to ask me anything. I promised to answer all the questions honestly.

Well I forgot. It was a long time ago. Anyway, as I was clearing out some old papers I found all the answers, but sadly not the questions.

So, to stay true to my word here, as promised, are my answers.

1 I used linseed oil.
2 That’s not really a question. It’s more of a statement.
3 Possibly when I was very young, but I have no recollection.
4 £12.52
5 £12.52
6 Douglas, Isle of Man.
7 It was once used by Prince Charles.
8 Never.
9 OK, perhaps once.
10 See answer 3.
11 Norman.
12 Possibly when I was in the bath.
13 By mixing the two together.
14 Around the corner from Portland Place is Park Crescent East, the pillared semicircle south of Marylebone Road, W1, near Great Portland Street Station (Hammersmith & City, Circle and Metropolitan Lines).
15 She asked me first.
16 Yes, really.
17 Well it’s true.
18 Pour the vodka into a highball glass and top up with orange juice. Carefully add the Galliano to the top of the drink to create a separate layer. Serve garnished with an orange slice and a cherry.
19 Yes please.
20 I would imagine that kind of thing could happen in the future, but not until at least 2020.

Have all the answers and stay safe.


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