Day 45 – I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Waltz for Koop

Waltz for Koop

On a previous post (this one I think) I mentioned about not having any aural distractions while gardening.

Decorating definitely needs a soundtrack and I’ve been going through old playlists on my phone. I suppose they are the modern day equivalent of the mix tape.

I’ve created playlists for all kinds of moods and occasions, meals, wedding, a chilled night in, a function out.

The thing I’ve noticed though is that one or two tunes keep tuning up across a number of playlists. Tunes I would’t necessarily reach for, but a joy to hear.

One of the songs is Waltz for Koop by Koop and another is Joe Jackson’s Steppin’ Out. Three different playlists today and they were on both.

Lilly Allen also turned up today unexpectedly with Somewhere Only We Know. Unexpected because it’s not Christmas and unexpected because about ten minutes later we had a call from John Lewis to say our table was being delivered today.


Loft access all nice and painted

I was rather hoping a song about winning the lottery would come up on one of the playlists, but to be fair the chances of me winning are pretty slim as I don’t enter.

On the plus side, U2 haven’t yet appeared on any list.

So the decorating continues. The wall is now a luscious lime colour and the door to the loft has been retuned to its rightful place.

I still have three walls to paint tomorrow, probably twice and then the rest of the weekend will consist of me swearing a lot at the laminate flooring.


Luscious lime

It’s the fiddly bits round doors and pipes that get me.

Tomorrow’s playlists are called ‘Set Up Music’, ‘Great Ones’ and ‘Party Arrival’. Koop is on all three but no Joe Jackson.

Stay tuneful and stay safe.

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