Day 43 -Doorsteps



There was a time when you had a choice of thickness for your sliced bread. Thin, medium or thick. I even remember there was a Thick’n’Thin loaf available.

These days it seems that thin bread is as rare as Frizzets*. Medium and thick, or even extra thick are what you’ll find on most shelves these days.

My theory is that the bread manufacturers did away with thin slices so that we would have to buy more bread.

This whole thought process was sparked by today’s lunch. Doorstep corned beef and onion sandwiches.

The local shop only had ridiculously thick sliced tiger bread which seemed to absorb all the flavour of the beef and onion. I ended up with a mouth full of chewy dough with a hint of, what I presumed to be, tiger.


Corned beef sandwich with raw onion and a side of plain crisps.

My favourite butties from my youth were, in this order, tomato (with plenty of white pepper and prepared the day before a school trip), crisps (plain), banana (with a sprinkle of sugar), golden syrup, soft brown sugar. I still have a sweet tooth to this day. I blame my parents.

Corned beef is one of those foods, like corn flakes, that you avoid for years and then rediscover. Our cupboards are filled with both. Sadly I’m having to avoid the corn flakes as we’re trying to ration the milk for tea/coffee.

*Frizzets were small savoury batter thing that came in a packet and you just addd water (or perhaps milk). They were yellow and you shallow fried them and they were delicious. Now, like Matinee Selection**, they are no longer available.

**Matinee Selection comprised of a number of marzipan and fondant sweets. You could buy them loose in quarters and were probably the most expensive sweets in the shop.

Stay sweet and stay safe.

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