Day 28 – Soap opera

I’m going to share some photographs with you that I wouldn’t normally make public.

The first two are of the back of my shed. Before and after pictures.

This is where I’ve been for the last few days sorting out piles of old wood, digging around the base of the tree and sifting all the stones from the soil.

It’s not the most picturesque of areas, but I just wanted to put on record that I have pretty much completed that particular task, which I began on Friday.

So enjoy the view, you probably won’t see it again, unless I open the garden up to the public once all this virus stuff has calmed down.


My second pleasure after gardening is the shower I have after gardening. It’s a sheer joy to step into the cubicle all hot and bothered and covered in soil and small creatures and just stand under the running water.

I can’t remember when I last had a bath. I shower pretty much every day (the exception are days when I really can’t be arsed).

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Kenny Lynch

Every week or so, while I’m in the shower, the singer, songwriter, entertainer and actor Kenny Lynch comes to mind. Kenny died last December, but his memory lives on thanks to a slither of soap.

A few yeas back I asked on social media if there was a name for a bar of soap that had washed away to the size that always slips out of your hand at the most awkward moment.

Within minutes an old work colleague suggested that it was called Kenny Lynch and since then, in this house at least, that is what it is called.

One other thing springs to mind while we are all talking about soap. The keen soap aficionados will recognise the soap in the picture as being Imperial Leather (other brands are available).

We always used to have this when we were little, along with a bar of Pears Transparent Soap – which I loved the smell of.

Mother always used to leave the little paper stamp on the Imperial Leather so that when it got down well past the Kenny Lynch stage, you were left with a scrappy bit of soap stuck to a soggy bit of paper. It made the task of adding it to a new bar impossible.

Needless to say, in this house, we always remove the stamp.*

*Crikey, looks like mum was right. I just found this report online from The Sun “newspaper” – Imperial Leather fans ‘shocked’ to discover the sticker actually makes the soap last longer

Stay safe and clean.


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