Day 24 – Gardener’s Block

09.35 and I’m staring at the garden wondering what to do. I need some inspiration. I need some motivation. At the moment it’s like staring at a blank lawn with plant borders round three sides.

One of the neighbour’s cats (that’s the one neighbour with two cats rather than multiple neighbours with varying numbers of cats) is sitting in the bed I have been preparing for squash (that’s the vegetable not the sport).

It looks at me and squints its eyes to let me know that it is comfortable with me being on her land.

New border

My new steps along with my new border.

To the right of the cat is the greenhouse, behind which are four pinkish paving slabs that I’ve never really found the right use for.

I get an overpowering urge to build some steps. Seriously, within just a few moments I become obsessed with the idea on a scale only previously seen on Close Encounters of the Third Kind with a guy and a pile of mashed potatoes.

I spend the rest of the day creating a new border. More sifting of soil and stones and sorting out of weeds.

The steps took about an hour and I will spend the rest of the evening looking to see what summer flowering plants like partial shade. Suggestions please on a postcard – or just use the comment box because it’s unlikely you know where I live exactly.

1 - 1 (4)

The garden, as seen from my pocket.

I took very few pictures today. Having said that, I’m rather pleased with this one that I took at 12.10. It’s a view of the garden I’ve never seen before.

It’s from my pocket.


As I write this I have half an eye on the daily news briefing from Downing Street. The lockdown it to continue for at least another three weeks.

I know I’m very lucky to have a garden to occupy my mind and body. Without it I really don’t know what I’d do. I’m also finding great pleasure writing this daily journal.

I hope I manage to plant a little pleasure into your lives by sharing my little world with you.

Stay safe.

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