Day 20 – My frog saw something


Frogue the frog

My first port of call this morning on my walk around the estate, was down to the pond where Frogue had spent his first night.

At first I couldn’t see him, but I could smell flies frying from behind the rockery. Perhaps disturbing him at breakfast time would be too much of an intrusion. I’ll go and check my seedlings instead.

“How do you like your mosquitos?” came a croaky voice I’d not heard before. “Over easy or sunny side up?”

I have to admit I was rather taken aback at this. I mean, seriously, they should be scrambled.

Breakfast was most civilised. Over tea and toast with homemade marmalade* we discussed my plans for the day, which Frogue was delighted to hear, didn’t involve any work on the pond.

“It was all very exciting and I really appreciate what you have done for me,” said my little amphibian friend, “but it was rather stressful, so once you’ve finished your breakfast I’d appreciate it if you cleared off and gave me a bit of peace.”

Seed bed

Leeks and carrots. The string is to keep the birds and cats away.

Today was all about planting seeds. I got on with getting the leeks (2 varieties) and carrots (1 variety) into the ground. I knew he was watching me. Every now and then I would hear a little tutting sound and just once I thought I heard a sarcastic round of applause when I nearly fell over the rake.

After lunch Frogue wasn’t anywhere to be seen. This was a blessing as it meant I could get the frames and strings up for the hops without any commentary.

I’m having a day off from the garden tomorrow. The weather is set to change and rain is expected. I have left Frogue a note to say that he’s in charge, which on reflection, may not be a good move. I’ll go and retrieve it and the keys to the shed when I’ve finished writing.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend and stay safe.

*I really must get the recipe from him.


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