Day 19 – The dancing frog

Dancing Frog watch

Limited edition Dancing Frog watch

Many, many years ago I went on a work trip to New York for Saint Patrick’s Day. I had breakfast with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and was introduced to the guy who paints the green line down 5th Avenue for the annual parade.

This was also the time when I thought I’d been shot.

We were in a diner having steak when I felt a cold splash against my chest. I looked down to see what I presumed was blood oozing down my shirt. For a split second I though I’d had it.

Then I looked up to see my work colleague holding a tomato shaped ketchup container minus its lid. He’d shook it too hard and was now looking at me through rose coloured glasses. How we laughed.

But I digress. The highlight of the trip was me buying a limited edition Dancing Frog watch. Number 1758 of just 2500. I loved that cartoon, and was delighted to find that a commemorative watch was available.

So while setting up some sheltered areas of the new pond for my froggy friend today, I was constantly singing “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal”.

Still waters

Amazon advert

Major selling points

We were considering having a little fountain in the pond, but apparently frogs don’t like them because they think it’s always raining and they hate bad weather*.

They tend lay their spawn in calm water and I can think of nothing more exciting that finding a pond full of frogspawn, so we didn’t want to do anything to discourage that. All plans of classical music inspired water displays were quickly quashed.

I did briefly look at solar powered fountains. The one particularly caught my eye said, “Your garden would definitely catch all the attention of the passer-by. Let your yard look so amusingly.” Perhaps we could do something in the front garden…

Route work

My final task outside today was more of a health and safety thing. For the local hedgehogs.

Just behind the new pond there’s a hole in the fence which provides a couple of hedgehogs access through our garden on their way to the house on the other side that leaves out a smorgasbord for them each evening.

1 - 2 (1)

Hedgehog diversion

My concern was that the hedgehogs would happily push their way through the fence only to find themselves falling into froggy waters.

Simple cones and illuminated signage wouldn’t be enough (believe me I tried). So instead I’ve built a small wall to guide the hedgehogs away form the dangers of the open waters.

Should they fall in though there are escape routes out for them and I have placed some small life rings around the edge of the pond, and installed an emergency telephone.

Seriously, I can’t do any more.

So most of the big jobs are complete in the garden. Tomorrow I need to plant up my horseradish (which came today), and sow my leeks and carrots. Then it’s just a matter of doing some general tidying up and waiting until the next delivery of plants and compost.

Until then, I’m going to pop on my top hat and join Michigan J. Frog for a chorus of Largo al Factotum.

*May not be factually true

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