Day 18 – It’s Good Friday*

Tony Robinson

Time Team’s Tony Robinson surveying my garden

Tony Robinson stands in the middle of my lawn surveying the various trenches I’ve opened up.

“On this edition of Time Team we were hoping to find evidence that this was once the home of the ruler of the Icini tribe, Queen Boudica.

“What we have found is some broken glass, a few bits of kitchen pot and a half finished pond. I think we may have been led up this particular garden path.”

It’s a nice garden path I’ll have you know. It leads conveniently from the lawn to the shed, past Trench 1 and Trench 2, now filled in again with a couple of rows of Arran Pilot potatoes.

Yes the pond isn’t finished yet, give me a chance Tony. I spent the entire morning creating an artificial bog. Tomorrow I will be putting some plants into the pond and some around the edges. It’ll start to look better, but nowhere near finished.


Two rows of potatoes

I still have a load of veg to plant too. I’ve prepared the area for the carrots and leeks, but I think I may have too much to cram in. And the horseradish hasn’t even arrived yet.

It’s been a bit like one of those puzzles with the tiles with one missing square that you have to slide around endlessly in the hope of accidentally completing the picture.

I remember, when I was little, having one of a cartoon lion. After hours of frustration I finally presented the finished picture to Mother.

“He has his tail coming out of his ear,” she exclaimed. “This is how it meant to be,” I replied, triumphant in defeat.

Anyway, I think I’ve found a way to make everything fit in the space available to me in the various beds and borders. I have a cunning plan.

Please stay at home this Easter and stay safe.

*It’s good any day


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