Day 17 – Pond life

Garden finds

Today’s garden treasure

Whenever I walk up to the garden shed with my spade, I imagine I’m at Lords and have just been bowled for 132, the highest ever score for a gardener against the West Indies.

Alan Titchmarsh managed 98, but he was caught behind from the last ball before lunch on Day 2 of the 2017 Test Series. Monty Don hit two consecutive sixes in that match, but they were the only runs he scored as he was run out the next ball following a misunderstanding with his batting partner Rachel de Thame.

Today has all been about the pond. As I mentioned yesterday the pond arrived, so today I spent the entire morning digging a hole for it. I found it quite tricky to get into a position where I could make best use of my spade. I ended up digging most of it out with a trowel. It must have looked like something out of The Great Escape. Tomorrow I’m going to open up Tunnel 2 and see if I can sneak out to Spar for some toilet rolls.

Once the hole was dug it was all about getting the pond level and then back filling with very fine soil – which I spend most of the last few days sifting.

In an ideal world I would fill the pond with rain water, but I have none to spare at the moment, so I’ve filled the pond from the mains water supply. This means I have to keep it covered for a couple of days to keep the frogs out because of the chlorine. Apparently it makes them drunk* and, to be honest, I really could do without half a dozen frogs singing ribald songs outside the patio door at 2am again.

Tomorrow I’ll do some work on the landscaping around the pond and, hopefully, get some potatoes in. They arrived today along with seeds for the other crops I’m going to plant. The only thing I’m waiting for now is the horseradish and that’s due to arrive next week.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe. I’m off to check on Alan Titchmarsh’s batting average against Australia.

*This may not be true.

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