Day 16 – Number 16


Dictionary meaning of furloughed

I have been furloughed for a week now.

I had one of those moments when I thought, no, that isn’t the right word. Furloughed. So I looked it up.

Ankle bracelets! No one mentioned ankle bracelets. Having said that, the Lockdown does make me feel a bit like The Prisoner.

Leo McKern

Leo (Mother) McKern in The Prisoner

Trapped in comfortable surrounding in glorious weather.

Occasionally a large balloon drifts into the garden and chases me back into the house where Leo McKern is sitting in an eggshell.

I quickly grab his penny-fathing and race down to the Spar for toilet rolls. I am a free man!

Back to life, back to reality

The preformed pond has arrived. I’ve done most of the preparation for it. That was the easy bit. Now it will take us two or three days to decide on the exact position.

The plan is to have it sunk to ground level and then create a boggy area to one side to encourage insects to thrive and to allow the frogs to have a sort of patio area.

Tomorrow, I’m told, I will take delivery of potatoes, carrots, squash and leeks. All to be planted up over the next few days while juggling the pond and boggy area. And frogs. Don’t forget the frogs.

Be seeing you.

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