Day 12 -It really is like the Big Brother House



1/1000 of a second before I took this picture, a Peacock Butterfly was sunning itself in this very spot.

We had our shopping delivered. It was like a scene out of Big Brother when the weekly shopping arrives. Only ours has to last until the next delivery around the 20th.

Still, we got everything we asked for, so credit where it is due Tesco.

The weather looks a bit rainy for Monday so I hoping to have a day in the kitchen,

I plan on making a raised pork pie, a date and walnut loaf and something else that I can’t remember. Possibly a Bakewell tart. Or was it some biscuits?

Talking of baking, can anyone recommend a recipe that includes shredded wheat? I’m not eating them at the moment as I’m saving all the milk for teas and coffees.

Garden update

What a glorious day. I’ve replanted a small corner of the garden and I’ve finally finished preparing the right hand border.

The plan is to put some squash in there, if/when they come as they do enjoy full sun.

I read somewhere that it is time for the butterflies to return from their winter vacations.

I saw two today (although they may have been the same one making a return visit). Attempts to photograph them failed.

So here’s a couple of other pictures to keep you smiling.

As ever, stay home – even in this lovely weather, and stay safe.

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