Day 11 – Bent keys and yeast


Not a snake grave

Another great day in the garden.

I’ve been widening the righthand border where the pond is. As I mentioned yesterday, this will become a new vegetable patch. In order to do this I have removed a section of the lawn.

It’s funny what thoughts go through your mind while gardening. As I was removing a couple of rows of turf I imagined I was digging a grave for a snake. The joke being that you wouldn’t bury it lengthways, you’d curl it up surly.

I took at picture and put it on social media saying that a neighbour with a bad back had asked me to dig a grave for his snake.

I had number of people asking what sort of snake it was. I had to come clean and tell them it was a fictitious one. They can be quite vicious. (The snake, not the people who asked).

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Today’s finds


One of the best parts of digging in the garden is finding things long lost. Today’s haul comprised of a bent key, a button and part of an earthenware jug. Sadly no Gonzo sock (see yesterday).

I wonder what was in that pot. All we have to go on are the letters ‘STE’.

What item of clothing was that button from, I wonder? My guess is some sort of cardigan. And the key? Who did  bend it?

All these little bits of history buried in my garden, each with their own stories, never to be told. Unless anyone recognises any of them.

Daily bread

After Wednesday’s bread disaster, the yeast fairy brought us a new supply. We now have enough to make about 50 loaves. Sadly we only have enough flour to make 2. Hopefully we’ll finally get some in tomorrow’s delivery.

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New yeast, better bread

I did manage to make a very basic loaf today. I used a different recipe to the Delia one I used earlier in the week. No offence Delia, but during Lockdown you don’t get second chances.

I’m rather pleased with the results. I do need a better tin though. The one I have is a 2lb tin, but it’s quite narrow. Any reccomendations for optimum size?

The recipe called for fresh yeast, so I had to do a calculation on fresh to dry. Every website gave differing advice for 500g of flour, so I used 5g. Next time I will probably use 7g.

But today’s bake certainly confirmed that the yeast I’d used on Wednesday had had it.


I’ve just realised that it’s Friday. The whole weekend stretches before us. It is likely to keep on stretching until at least the end of May.

Stay in and stay safe.



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