Day 9 – Counting the days

I’m going to have to keep a chart on the wall of all these days.

It’s Day 9 of the Lockdown. Day 17 since we started self-isolation, (which technically ended after 14 days). Day 3 of the haircut. Day 1 of being furloughed and Day 1 of planting in the greenhouse.


Worst homemade bread ever

It’s also a day when the bread failed. (That sentence makes me think of The Wicker Man. Police Sergeant Neil Howie will arrive shortly and I will trick him into inspecting my pile of bamboo canes. The bread will not fail!).

Anyway, I was talking about the great bread disaster of 2020. I followed Delia’s recipe and method quite carefully. However, I can’t blame Delia as I fear the yeast we have is past its best. In fact I would go so far as to say dead.

Admittedly we have had it a while and it was supposed to be kept in the fridge. Instead it has spent the last twelve months basking in the warmth of the kitchen in a cupboard next to a tin of pineapple we’ve had since 1994.

If we fail to get yeast in the delivery this weekend I will have to have a go with the sourdough starter we have. It’s two years old, and unlike the yeast, that’s actually a good thing.

Let the planting begin!

Following on from yesterday’s Stop Press news, my first delivery of garden goodies arrived today. It mainly comprises of compost and plant trays to put the compost in. But I also got some peas, beetroot and salad leaves along with some herbs.

I’m starting the peas and beets in the greenhouse as we’ve had a couple of sharp frosts this week. As soon as they shoot, I’ll get them in the ground.

I’m also preparing the lefthand bed for potatoes and leeks, which I hope will arrive early next week.

Here’s a little look at how things are shaping up.

Remember, stay in and stay safe.

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