Day 8 – The one about cooking

Blog follower

Targeted blog

Almost every day I post a new entry on my blog I pick up a new follower. I think most of the time they are automated follows picking up on tags or key words.

So, following my head shave yesterday I got this (right). I’m tempted to contact them and tell them that I haven’t lost my hair. It’s all in a bag in the shed.

What’s cooking

I have found myself venturing more into the kitchen. So far this week I’ve rustled up a banana and raisin loaf and some potato cakes, based on the linked recipes. Both have helped use up left over food and have also helped to pass the time.

I did have to adapt them a little. For instance, I only had one banana so I added a couple of handfuls of raisins. For the potato cakes I used 400g of cooked potatoes and 100g of flour. I used self raising flour, but only because I would have to sell my first born to get plain flour at the moment.

Both were delicious, but I don’t think I’m ready for MasterChef just yet. Last night I was told that I was using the wrong pan to cook peas. Can you imagine look on the faces of Monica and Gregg?

In the weeks to come I plan to be more adventurous. I’ve ordered the ingredients to make a raised pork pie. Surly no one is panic buying lard, minced pork and gelatine.

If you are wondering about the garden, then I am now very much in the hands of the delivery. I’m all ready to crack on, but at the moment all I’ve got is the enthusiasm and the time.


Just as I was writing that last paragraph I got an email to say that my garden order has been dispatched.

Stay in and stay safe.

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