Day 8 – Plans change



It feels different today. It suddenly all seems very real. Little things really do trigger the enormity of it all. Today’s phrase “Delegated Survivor” sent a shiver down my spine. I always assumed that there would be plans in place should the PM be unable to carry out his duties, but when they talk about these things on the news it’s quite sobering.

There’s real anger towards members of the public who seem to be ignoring the advice coming out of Westminster and out of the mouths of doctors and nurses. Certain members of society are acting like old classmates who would ring up at 9.30 in the evening to ask what the homework was for tomorrow as they weren’t really listening in maths today.

I like to think though that most people are pulling their weight. My own personal measure, the traffic on the road outside, suggests they are. Every single bus I have seen pass my window today has been empty. A large majority of the traffic is made up of vans and lorries.

I fear though that we may get a very unambigous instruction in the next 48 hours about leaving our houses as once again the mindlessness of the minority has a huge impact on everyone. This time with deadly results.

When all this is over, things will not be the same again. Families will not be the same. Government will to be the same. The NHS will not be the same. The impact of this virus will reach far beyond any vaccine.

Garden plans

Bayleaf the gardener

Here I am in about 12 week’s time

Sounding a bit like a ministerial statement, I’m going to say that the measures I have taken to grow some vegetables in the garden were right at the time. But I now need to go further.

From this Thursday I will be digging up further shrubs and plants and preparing to grow even more vegetables. I’m not aiming for self-sufficiency, just less reliability on supermarkets and shops.

I can only get supplies by mail order and I fear that this too may dry up soon as more and more non-essential business are forced to close.

Following my appeal for tips and ideas of things to grow, an old work friend, Jacquie Jones, commented on Facebook: Grow things you can pickle too, or make jam with, things that don’t have to be eaten right away.
Gardeners world has started again I believe and Monty is always a good watch.

It’s all good sensible stuff and if it turns out that it wasn’t necessary, the only thing I’ve lost is a couple of flowering shrubs, some hardy annuals and half an hour a week to Gardener’s World.

Stay safe.


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