Day 7 – Playing outside, inside


Managed to clear out the greenhouse today

I felt a bit overwhelmed by the garden this morning. I still managed to get some work done, including my main task of clearing out the greenhouse.

I have some seeds on order and I’m keen to have the greenhouse deep cleaned and all ready for the end of the week when I have a couple of days off leading into to the weekend.

I also want to say a big thank you to sarlese over on Instagram who suggested a couple of places for me to get horseradish plants. I now have some on order!

I really do need to find better ways to make work days feel different to days off. I’ve got a couple of interesting projects I’m working on for work to get us through the next few months, so hopefully they will concentrate my mind a bit.

Virtual outside

I’ve been exploring the Elder Scrolls Online and enjoying the pure escapism of the beautifully crafted landscapes and interesting quests. It’s so immersive that the only thing linking me to the real world is the sound of a passing ambulance from time to time on the very quiet road outside.

ESO does require a bit of concentration and brainpower in order to craft and do various tasks, whereas the new Animal Crossings is a lot less demanding and far more cute.

I’m only on my second day into that and I’m still learning what all the buttons do and trying to remember to switch tools – there’s no way I am ever going to chop a tree with a butterfly net.

I’m hoping that the supplies in supermarkets are going to return to some sort of normality this week. We’ve managed to secure a couple of delivery slots for this coming week and next. At the moment it’s very much the luck of timing as to whether items will be available, but surly those that have been panic buying and hoarding will soon run out of space or money. We have enough to get us through the next ten day and then the next delivery should be able to top us us beyond that.

Stay safe everyone.


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