Day 3 – Tea times

I actually had this day booked off as leave, so no home working today, but still waking up at the same time. I’m trying to keep to my usual routine as best I can, keeping elements of the day as normal as possible.

07.22 Breakfast tea

Although it’s not breakfast tea, it’s PG Tips. It washes down my toasted Hot Cross bun rather well. I find that anything that has some form of spice in it is perfectly matched by a cup of tea.

On advice I read somewhere, I’m trying to stick to just three news sources. The idea is that you can get a better sense of what is happening and not feel swamped by all sorts of differing opinion.

My news sources of choice are the BBC, The Guardian and the EDP websites. I’m avoiding things like Buzzfeed and Reddit and reducing my time on Facebook. There’s so much rubbish being shared I find it often annoying and sometimes stressful.

08.30 No tea

05.40 The first mug of tea of the day.

No beverage at this point, instead my hands are occupied with a stream of texting to close family a discussion about apple pie and custard. This led to me looking up banana crumble recipes – like this one. Yes, we have some bananas.

09.03 “I’ve made you a cuppa. Didn’t know if you wanted it or not.”

An important part of my daily routine, whether working at home or not, is a morning inspection of the garden. It’s such an uplifting time of year to be out there. It changes every day. At the weekend I plan on sharing a bit of it with you.

11.34 PMQs

Whenever I’m at home on a Wednesday I like to watch Prime Minister’s Question Time on BBC Parliament. I much prefer watching it without all the commentary and expect opinion. As I mentioned earlier, anything spicy goes well with a cup of tea.

15.01 Blog

PMQs led into lunch, which led into watching more news coverage. I was going to go for another walk today but it started raining. So I am now sitting at my desk with a mug of tea writing up my thoughts.

Back to working from home tomorrow. I’ll be glad to have something to do.

Having just read back what I have written, I will also make a concerted effort to drink less tea.

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