Self isolation – Day 2

Unprecedented is a word I’m hearing a lot of just lately. As too is surreal and strange and odd, and worried.

In the past few days the scale of disruption we can all expect has really hit home. More so because that’s exactly where I am. Home.

On government advice last week I began seven days of isolation because I had a cough, but no fever. Yesterday, perfectly timed with the latest government advice, my wife developed a cough too. We’re now in joint 14 day self isolation. This is day 2.

We had the foresight to book a home delivery early in the week so that we had some essential provisions delivered last night. Some of the items were missing, but credit where it is due Tesco staff made some very sensible substitutes, so we’re going to be fine for meals. Having said that, they were out of Minstrels. Minstrels! People are panic buying chocolate.

Home working

Working from home isn’t new ground for me. I’ve done it for many years, but this feels different. In the past it was out of choice, now it’s out of necessity. The secret is to stay busy and focussed and not allowing yourself to be dis… actually, did you see that Arnold Schwarzenegger tweet?

I’m also keen to stay healthy both mentally and physically – something I struggle with at the best of times. So when it looks quiet outside I plan a brisk walk around a local park.

Tomorrow will be a slightly different day. We both took it as annual leave so we could get out to the coast or forest together. Now I suspect we will wander the Elder Scrolls world together.

Once the novelty of the self-isolation has worn off, it’s going to be hard. We’ll get through it, coronavirus permitting.

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