Time and Tide

I spent Saturday afternoon in Blakeney installing a new audio piece at St Nicholas church for the Sounding Coastal Change project.

Called Time and Tide, it plays with the sound of the ticking clock in the church tower. It was the first thing I heard when I visited St Nicholas. I wanted to see how the live ticking would interact with a recording.

It worked better than I imagined, with the two sounds chasing each other over time, catching up and then seperating again. Sometimes it seems like they have found an extra tick!

The church is a little removed from the quay, but you only have to look at the inscriptions on some of the graves to see how the sea has played such a huge part not only in the working lives of the local community, but also in their spiritual one too.

I wanted to bring that sea into the church, so, as time ticks by we hear the sound of the water rushing over shingle – recorded just a little further up the coastline.

st nicholas

Here I am in the church explaining how to switch it on!

Some of the other elements of the church are also acknowledged and you can hear a short motif that gives a nod to the church organ and bell.

Finally we hear a few notes from the hymn Eternal Father played on a grand piano before being returned to the rhythmic ticking of the clock and the chase begins again

You can hear Tide and Tide at St Nicholas church all this week. The church is open daily.

There is also a free family event taking place on Friday evening.

To celebrate the launch of the Sounding Coastal Change project, this event will showcase:

•  Sonic creations by the children of the Pilgrim Federation of Church of England Primary Schools

•  Electronic sound art created from the sounds of Blakeney and conversations with local people

•  The premiere of a music composition inspired by the Norfolk coast

•  Discoveries from the East Anglian Film Archive

•  Folk songs olds and new

Book here.

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