30 Days Wild 2017

Thirty days, thirty 30-second sound bites.

Only fitting that the last recording for 30 Days Wild should be The Marriott’s Way, that has featured so much in the past month. I think all the birds came out to sing.

The penultimate day and the Song Thrush is still at it.

Haiku for Day 28

I decided to walk home in the rain. I got drenched. Best 30 Days Wild day ever.

A solo performance from a chaffinch.

Standing under a bridge as the Bure Valley Railway passes over head.

Getting up close and personal with a hoverfly.

A breezy walk home through the woods along the Marriott’s Way.

A short sharp break from the hot weather as rain and thunder moves in.

Lunchtime stroll over the Lady Julian Bridge in Norwich.

Not as hot today. The woodland walk by the River Wensum was full of birdsong.

Back to work after a break and back to walking along the Marriott’s Way. I heard a fair bit of flapping and commotion and looked up to see two Jays attacking a Crow of some kind.

Too hot to to be anywhere other than in the garden remembering a walk along the shore line at Sheringham.

While the air is filled with the smell of BBQs, the birds try to sing above the noise of the traffic.

Gentle flow of the river, a coot or moorhen distant traffic and a light wind in the trees.

Fifteen down and fifteen to go! Here’s today’s thirty second soundbite for 30 Days Wild.

Back in Norwich today and not a lot to hear on the allotment.

The waters of the River Dee in Chester flow rapidly over the weir.

A quiet moment or two amongst the graves at Overleigh Cemetery in Chester.

Sunday morning in Chester and the streets are filled with the sound of the Cathedral bells.

Day 10 and the gentle sound of the ruins at Ewloe Castle in Flintshire.

In the woodland below Ewloe Castle there is a stream. And on that stream there is a small waterfall.

Still at Llandudno for Day 8 and it’s the sea again, this time on the rocks below the Great Orme.

Day seven takes me to North Wales and the sea rolling in on the shingle beach at Llandudno.

Still on Marriott’s Way and this time a metal bridge. Underneath we can hear the pigeons who seem unperturbed by a runner passing overhead.

If you take the riverside walk through Marriott’s Way you cross a short bridge.

Bit of a struggle today as I was fighting the windy conditions, roadworks outside the house and then Jean* decided to mow her lawn.

One for sorrow or two for joy?

A happy tuneful guy simply loving to sing

A tree creaks in the evening breeze on Marriott’s Way in Norwich

*She lives next door

A new recording will be added daily. At the end of the 30 days I will be producing a new piece created entirely from the thirty recordings made.lse

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