Getting the kit together

I was awake for this morning’s dawn chorus, but thanks to the excellent double glazing, I heard none of it. Tomorrow will be very different.

The reason I was awake so early today is that I was going over in my mind all the kit I’m going to need to live stream tomorrow’s dawn chorus from Cley in North Norfolk. It’s International Dawn Chorus Day.


Most of the technical kit ready to go

All the microphones and other bits of kit need to be set up this evening before it goes dark, then I’ll be sleeping with it all, so that I’m ready for the early start tomorrow.

The broadcast will be from 04.15 until 06.15 and you’ll be able to hear it on the Sounding Coastal Change website.

For most of this morning I’ve been checking out the kit – mixers and microphones, lights and batteries.

All being well you’ll be able to listen and follow the broadcast on my blog and I’ll be trying my best to update the text so you know what’s going on.

Right, I need to get back to the preparations. Anyone seen my sleeping bag?

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