Month: February 2017

Grandma 100 on reverse

I discovered this recording on a tape I bought online.

So often these tapes contain music – either pre-recorded or taken from the radio. There tends to be very little spoken word on them.

It’s always a joy to hear someone’s voice be it a short few words of a child shouting into a microphone, some one practicing their class presentation or, as is the case here, a wonderful recording of a special moment. (more…)

When radio was full of wow

There was never a law against listening to Radio Luxembourg in the mid 1970s, but the awful quality of the signal made it feel like you were doing something rebellious.

I would spend many nights under the bed sheets listening to the latest pop music drifting in and out, whistling and crackling. I’d turn the radio one way to make the the signal better, only for it to drift away again into a sea of white noise and distant forign voices. (more…)

Pin drops

I’ve told this story a hundred times and I will tell it a hundred more as I believe it marks the very moment a spark ignited in me a passion for audio.

It was a music class in my junior school. Some lessons we’d spend time practising an instrument. Mine was the recorder and I was proud that I could play Greensleeves without looking at my fingers. (more…)