Hi, I’m Richard.

I’m a sound artist living Norfolk. If you’d like to read more about the projects I’ve been involved with recently, go to my about page.

Or you can read my latest blog posts here.

Norfolk Sound Map

I have been making good use of the spare time I have while being furloughed to make some improvements to the Norfolk Sound Map. I’ve given the front page a little overhaul and it looks much tidier. The most significant addition is the Full Content List. This allows you to browse through the sounds without […]

Looking to the future

This week’s Disquiet Junto ‘challenge’ is to make a piece of music that puts the composer six months into the future. What will life be like then? I hooked up my keyboard and came up with this simple tune that put me in mind of a cold winter’s day. Snow gently falling, covering all that […]

Civilian Listening Service

I spend a lot of time playing with sounds, be they recordings I’ve made, musical experiments, found sounds (on old second hand tapes) and soundscapes. Some of them appear on my Norfolk Sound Map and most of them are on my Soundcloud page, but none of it is really curated in any way. Until now, […]

Disquiet Junto

In the July 2016 edition of Wire magazine I’m quoted as saying that I am often “out of my comfort zone and forced into using different techniques or alternative approaches” when it come to the weekly challenges of the Disquiet Junto. Marc Weidenbaum started the Disquiet Junto project back on 2012 with the aim of […]